Aquarius horoscope today

Aquarius horoscope May 23rd, 2022

Aquarius summary for today:

As of May 21st, 2022 our concentration turns, as the Sun entered Gemini, and its effect is already felt for 1 days now.
Watching Mercury leaves Gemini (R) on May 23rd, 2022 meaning that Mercury’s power is the one that shines the most.
Aquarius will feel a lower impact than the other eleven signs, but largely it will give a plus in love life, leaving a bit to be desired in luck state.
Another crucial point to take into consideration is that the Sun is in its direct progression, leaning all over factors in a positive way, with 0 days left until it switches to a retrograde motion trajectory on May 23rd, 2022, placing the sign in a positive outlook for the time being.

Challenging things are awaited on Monday, the strain giving a sensation that it keeps accumulating.
Luck state in particular, could pose its own special type of issues for Aquarius, nothing enduring so better times are expected fast after May 23rd, 2022.

Having a firm grip on your psychological standing and surrounding events, don’t be surprised if things tend to go from one extreme to the other in quick succession.
Don’t overdo it, the day also has its ups somewhere between the lines, go for that positive mood despite what’s thrown at you.

Aquarius love horoscope

Now seems to be your time to shine brightly, enveloping your love life with positivity.
Consolidation of a key relationship is awaited, an uplifting experience all together is expected.

Aquarius financial horoscope

All signs point to developments in your financial situation, you are on the right path, you just need to keep your focus.
Money is always a sensitive issue, don’t expect a sudden boost, it takes time to build something long lasting.

Aquarius happiness and karma

Luck does not seem to be on your side today, so avoid any rash actions and sit tight for a while.
Three numbers that might effect the day for Aquarius: 17, 23, 48, and some visual keys: fuchsia, and violet.