Capricorn horoscope today

Capricorn horoscope May 23rd, 2022

Capricorn summary for today:

Starting from May 21st, 2022 we feel something is changing as the Sun entered Gemini having an impact on us for 1 days now.
Waiting as Mercury leaves Gemini (R) hard with May 23rd, 2022 hard that Mercury’s impact is the one that is felt the most.
A lower influence is felt for Capricorn when compared to the other signs in the zodiac, looking at the overall picture, the sign hights will most likely come from financial situation, whilst a damper on enthusiasm can appear in love life.
Another big factor here is that the Sun is in its direct course, pressing upon the sign a positive influence, having 0 days left until the progression switches back to a retrograde motion after May 23rd, 2022, thus giving a positive mark currently on the sign.

A tricky day to happen for the Capricorn sign, steps that will need to be taken and persons dealt with.
Your devotion to a particular individual could be put to a test on Monday, but with educated decisions, after May 23rd, 2022 all will turn for the better.

Capricorn love horoscope

Your love life might really prove turbulent, even early in the day, small struggles could occur.
Some adjustments are required in your view of the emotional world around you, all troubles that occur will cool down gradually.

Capricorn financial horoscope

Still feeling like an uphill battle, arriving at a comfortable financial level often takes time.
Picking up the pieces might be a draining effort, this journey will reveal it’s reward shortly.

Capricorn happiness and karma

You can’t say that something works against you, but nothing is passing from behind as well, the day will pass with no lasting marks and an improvement is in sight.
Three numbers that can impact the day for Capricorn: 5, 48, 37, and some of the colors that set the tone: white, and royalblue.