Gemini horoscope today

Gemini horoscope May 12th, 2024

Gemini summary for today:

Having passed April 30th, 2024 our concentration turns, as Mars entered Aries having an effect on us for 10 days now.
With Mercury entering Taurus difficult from May 15th, 2024 challenging that Mercury’s position is influencing us the most.
A higher effect will perhaps be pressed on Gemini, looking at the overall picture, the sign hights will probably come from financial situation, whilst a damper on enthusiasm can appear in love life.
An important factor as well regards the direct path of Mars, leaning overall factors in a positive way, this for the next 4 days as of May 15th, 2024 it will swap course and enter a retrograde motion, keeping a positive imprint over the sign.

A period of elation is set to start on Sunday adding passion and breaking the dullness and routine that was setting in.
Needless to say, this is a welcome switch in the scenery for Gemini, and the biggest impact shall come in your financial situation.

Gemini love horoscope

Not many things are growing in your love life, an outpour of emotions could be a downside today.
Some adjustments are required in your view of the emotional world around you, step lightly over this field and things will smoothen up in time.

Gemini financial horoscope

Today could bring a good news regarding your finances, a raise or an unexpected sum is likely to appear.
With an eye out for deals that sound too good to be true, more confidence will, in turn, bring more benefits.

Gemini happiness and karma

You may feel the need to put more effort in today, luck is something elusive for now.
Three numbers that can effect the day for Gemini: 30, 18, 37, and some of the colors that set the tone: blue, and gray.