Leo horoscope today

Leo horoscope January 17th, 2022

Leo summary for today:

Your sense of determination may be put through the test, nothing with an enduring effect and balanced out in the second half of Monday.
Love life will perhaps pull your spirit down, on the other side sits your luck state, that might boost your day.

Leo love horoscope

Difficulties may be seen to build up in your love life, strains could be viewed early on and will tend to enlarge if not attended.
Try and keep a bit of distance when things get heated up, all troubles that occur will cool down gradually.

Leo financial horoscope

Your finances are not at the level you wish, overcoming something unexpected might have pushed you back.
Keep a determined overview on the entire situation, this journey will display it’s reward shortly.

Leo happiness and karma

All signs point to a positive day in terms of chance, this could lead to a well deserved boost in confidence.
These few numbers may mark a certain importance for Leo: 19, 34, 9, and some visual keys: fuchsia, and sienna.