Leo horoscope today

Leo horoscope June 24th, 2022

Leo summary for today:

As of June 23rd, 2022 we have an important change as Venus entered Gemini a celestial move that we have experienced for 0 days now.
As Mars enters Taurus on July 5th, 2022 hard that Venus’s effect is being felt as greatest.
All signs point to a lower sway for Leo, but all over it will give a plus in luck state, leaving a bit to be desired in love life.
Another big factor here is that Venus is in its direct path, having a positive effect on your sign, having 11 days left until the progression switches back to a retrograde motion after July 5th, 2022, having a positive effect on your sign.

Thought advancements ahead for Leo, putting strains on your mood and state of mind.
Friday will make you endure some provoking decisions and your diligence could be the key in turning your luck around even on June 24th, 2022.

Leo love horoscope

Uncertainty still glooms over Leo love life, one relationship in particular can bring the most challenges.
Keep your cool even if situations get heated, don’t stress too much, elements are at work in your favor.

Leo financial horoscope

Today may bring a good news regarding your finances, a raise or an unexpected sum is likely to appear.
It could be time to trust your instincts more, expect a smoother sail through the period ahead.

Leo happiness and karma

Lots of elements that build up the day seem to be arranging themselves in your favor navigating past any issue and developing your confidence along the way.
Here are three of the numbers that might have an impact on Leo today: 9, 2, 3, with some of the colors that might bring harmony: lavender, and indigo.