Leo horoscope today

Leo horoscope June 30th, 2022

Leo summary for today:

Starting from June 23rd, 2022 we feel something is changing as Venus entered Gemini changing the way we deal with things for 6 days now.
As Mars enters Taurus on July 5th, 2022 challenging that Mars’s effect is being felt as greatest.
Its influence on Leo is lower than with other signs, on a more general view, love life will carry most of the negative ground whilst the silver ligning will be shown on financial situation.
A crucial angle to also take into account is that Venus is in its direct trajectory, pressing upon the sign a positive impact, 5 days will have to pass for this current state to consolidate, and after July 5th, 2022 things will swap back to as it will enter a retrograde motion, keeping a positive imprint over the sign.

Thought evolutions leading for Leo, steps that will need to be taken and persons dealt with.
Decisions are needed, that could have a big effect on Thursday and your diligence might be the key in turning your luck around even on June 30th, 2022.

Leo love horoscope

A bit of trouble may lurk just around the corner today, some things could appear overwhelming and a second opinion is advised.
Dialogue may be a good starting point, even if you strive, there are no perfect persons or ideal relationships, follow your heart.

Leo financial horoscope

The winds of change are blowing in your financial status, you are on the right path, you just need to keep your focus.
There is usually no room for experiments with your finances, the most important thing is that this is building up to a stable situation.

Leo happiness and karma

Little to no influence or push in the right direction today, better postpone activities in which luck is necessary.
These are the numbers that may lead the day for Leo: 17, 4, 23, helping the visual and mental part with olive, and red.