Sagittarius horoscope today

Sagittarius horoscope August 6th, 2022

Sagittarius summary for today:

As of August 4th, 2022 we feel something is changing as Mercury entered Virgo having an effect on us for 1 days now.
With Venus entering Leo provoking from August 11th, 2022 challenging that Mercury’s effect is the one that is felt the most.
A higher influence is felt for Sagittarius when compared to the other signs in the zodiac, on a more general view, financial situation will carry most of the gloomy ground whilst the silver ligning will be shown on luck state.
Another crucial point to take into consideration is that Mercury is in its direct progression, having a positive effect on your sign, having 6 days left until the progression switches back to a retrograde motion after August 11th, 2022, thus giving a positive mark currently on the sign.

Saturday sets out to be a day of effective emotions, widening your horizon a bit and showing new and exciting things.
Hidden for some time, Sagittarius emotions and fortitude should take a front seat, your luck state and it’s advancements being a decisive element in the day.

Sagittarius love horoscope

Turn’s out that a positive wave is sweeping through today, keeping your love life filed with interest.
Consolidation of a key relationship is foreseen, Sagittarius is set to receive the better this day has to offer.

Sagittarius financial horoscope

Improvements are likely to occur in your finances, helping you deal with day to day activities easily.
View your finances as a means not a goal, don’t forget to enjoy life.

Sagittarius happiness and karma

This looks like a day in which the universe conspires to help you navigating past any issue and developing your confidence along the way.
These are the numbers that may lead the day for Sagittarius: 50, 20, 24, helping the visual and emotional part with indigo, and azure.