Sagittarius horoscope today

Sagittarius horoscope May 23rd, 2022

Sagittarius summary for today:

Having passed May 21st, 2022 we see that the Sun entered Gemini changing the way we face things for 1 days now.
With Mercury leaves Gemini (R) tough from May 23rd, 2022 meaning that Mercury’s power is the one that shines the most.
Its effect on Sagittarius is higher than with other signs, taking a broader view, the negative impact will be most felt in financial situation, compensated in turn by constructive vibes for love life.
Another crucial point to take into consideration is that the Sun is in its direct progression, having a positive effect on your sign, having 0 days left until the progression switches back to a retrograde motion after May 23rd, 2022, thus giving a positive mark currently on the sign.

Displaying some new and positive interactions on Monday, in this way, rediscovering the simple pleasures in life.
All clues leading Sagittarius to be on an important and upward route, proving that bigger things are up ahead in your love life.

Sagittarius love horoscope

Turn’s out that a positive wave is sweeping through today, enveloping your love life with positivity.
Consolidation of a key relationship is awaited, progress should be smooth and problem free.

Sagittarius financial horoscope

Your finances may enter a period of trouble, and it will be up to you alone to sort this out.
Try and keep some money as a backup, this should not last long and recovery will be step by step.

Sagittarius happiness and karma

This looks like a day in which the universe conspires to help you navigating past any issue and developing your confidence along the way.
Here are three of the numbers that might have an impact on Sagittarius today: 14, 47, 49, and some of the colors that set the tone: red, and black.