Taurus horoscope today

Taurus horoscope May 23rd, 2022

Taurus summary for today:

Starting from May 21st, 2022 we see that the Sun entered Gemini, and its influence is already felt for 1 days now.
Watching Mercury leaves Gemini (R) on May 23rd, 2022 demanding that Mercury’s effect is being felt as greatest.
Taurus will feel a lower impact than the other eleven signs, on a more general view, love life will carry most of the negative ground whilst the silver ligning will be shown on luck state.
A crucial angle to also take into account is that the Sun is in its direct trajectory, pressing upon the sign a positive effect, having 0 days left until the progression switches back to a retrograde motion after May 23rd, 2022, placing the sign in a positive outlook for the time being.

Monday could bring an overwhelming feeling with many of things that require your consideration.
Your love life may be the one to blame, a few changes on your part may be needed to shake this perception away.

Taurus love horoscope

This day could go either way in terms of your love life, nothing will be definitive for Taurus.
You might be confronted by an unexpected person, the road to progress is hard at the beginning.

Taurus financial horoscope

These days may bring a change in your finances, the hardest part seems to be behind you.
There is usually no room for experiments with your finances, keep this track and avoid any pitfalls along the way.

Taurus happiness and karma

Influences in the right directions could be felt today, this might lead to a well deserved boost in confidence.
These are the numbers that may lead the day for Taurus: 12, 14, 47, helping the visual and cognitive part with red, and indigo.