Virgo horoscope today

Virgo horoscope September 27th, 2022

Virgo summary for today:

Beginning with September 23rd, 2022 our concentration turns, as Mercury leaves Libra (R) pressing on us already for 3 days now.
Waiting as Venus enters Libra demanding with September 29th, 2022 provoking that Venus’s impact is being felt as greatest.
A higher impact is felt for Virgo when compared to the other signs in the zodiac, on a more general view, financial situation will carry most of the adverse ground whilst the silver ligning will be shown on love life.
A crucial angle to also take into account is that Mercury is in its direct trajectory, blowing a positive air throughout, with 2 days left until it switches to a retrograde motion trajectory on September 29th, 2022, thus giving a positive mark currently on the sign.

Tuesday is set out to be all about effective interaction and events, a new course is emerging right in front of your eyes.
Entering a new stage, Virgo will have a greater impact on people around them with your love life displaying gains even in the days to come.

Virgo love horoscope

Fresh new prospects are likely to brighten your day, and as a consequence, you should feel more energy in your love life.
It should become more clear what your priorities should be, helping you keep a smile on.

Virgo financial horoscope

The prospect of an unexpected and unwelcome payment is likely, gathering all funds might seem tricky today.
Try a bit of discipline regarding this aspect, try not to worry and keep your focus, as all will be ok once again.

Virgo happiness and karma

Try and avoid making a decision based purely on luck, wait a few days for clearer opportunities.
Three numbers that might effect the day for Virgo: 10, 22, 45, with some of the colors that might bring harmony: purple, and yellow.